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The Challenge

We’re probably all too familiar with the bitter and diluted ‘coffee water’ — you know, the kind of drip coffee you’d find in a roadside diner. That’s all coffee could be for some which is sad!

We wanted to somehow enable everyone to make that delicious perfect espresso right in their homes. 

We wanted to come up with an idea that will enable everyone to own their own home espresso machines making that perfect cup.

The Solution

Qavashop is the answer to a very specific question: How can I make an excellent cup of coffee at home.

We are the kind of company that provides skilled, knowledgeable advice on everything from the best machine to meet your needs to how you can make that delicious espresso on your own. Armed with the singular mission to provide unbiased and customer-centric service by a crew who love what they do,

Would you like some coffee?

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Targets For Qavashop


Coffee Blends

Espresso Machine


Clean & Simple

Super clear layout

Easy navigation

Developed on eTajir platform

Available all over GCC

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